Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not everyone can be Picasso

Notice bottom right corner. While everyone else was pretty much able to follow directions Paul decided he'd depict himself as a pirate with a patch. Although maybe he actually only has one eye. Still you fail.


Anonymous said...

As an art teacher who understands child development in art, this blog is nothing short of ridiculous.

Anyone who calls any child's art the "worst, badest(??), and most hideous" has absolutely no comprehension about children and their thinking processes. it seems that your contributors like to interpret these drawings to their own IQ zero level.

To say that a child has "failed" and not become Picasso is like slapping your child for trying to communicate with what s/he knows to be true.

Little kids are NOT artists. They are trying to make sense of our world and you, dear parent or whomever, are not making this any easier on these children who only want to tell you what they are thinking and feeling. Forget translating any of it - it's a developmental stage that they will soon outgrow despite your negative approach to child rearing. Don't put this on your child's teachers. It is YOU dear parent who needs the education -

Anonymous said...

Yeah take a joke! my parents are teachers. and come on we are laughing at what kids drew of course it would be bad, and some people would find it funny now if we were criticizing what a poorly skilled adult was making them that would be wrong... I understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor and I'm fine with that but you shouldn't be here complaining IN THE COMMENTS! The moderator showed his email right there you know.